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Amazonite - color

Amazonite is often mistaken for other minerals such as nephrite, turquoise, or jasper due to its color. Its characteristic feature is its green color, caused by the presence of lead with overgrowths of white albite. Amazonite stones can also be found in colors such as blue or blue-green. Depending on the sodium content in the mineral, amazonite can appear in various shades of green and blue. The color of the stones depends on their occurrence and quality. Amazonite stones are opaque, but occasionally translucent specimens can also be found. The transparency of the stone is influenced by potassium and other alkaline inclusions - the more there are, the more milky opacities and streaks the stones will have. Amazonite exhibits an opalescent effect, which means that its surface shimmers or sparkles uniquely when rotated in different lights.

Amazonite - uses

Amazonite has had a wide range of uses in everyday life since ancient times, as it was found on the shields, jewelry, and equipment of the Amazons. It was also used to produce tablets on which religious texts were inscribed. Amazonite is also a collector's stone, highly valued by enthusiasts of natural stones. Due to its color, it is particularly valued in jewelry, where beautiful earrings, bracelets, rings, or necklaces are made from amazonite stones. Amazonite in jewelry is most commonly used in the form of cabochons, but in our offer, you will also find faceted amazonite stones in various shapes. Amazonite stones look very attractive in jewelry when combined with other jewelry stones in similar colors, such as aqua agate or aquamarine.

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