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Ametrine - colors

Ametrine combines two colors - purple amethyst and orange or yellow citrine. Ametrine stones are therefore two-colored, most often purple-yellow. Various degrees of iron oxidation in the mineral are responsible for the arrangement of colors in the stone, which occur due to the temperature gradient in the crystal during its formation. Natural ametrine is characterized by striations of various shades of yellow and purple, which consist of alternating layers of crystals with varying color intensity. The boundary between the two colors of this mineral is usually gradual, resulting in transitions between these colors, which create unique patterns inside the stones. Ametrine crystals are subjected to polishing to bring out all the beauty of this mineral. Each ametrine stone is unique due to its unique colors, patterns, and inclusions, making no two stones identical.

Ametrine - application, price

Ametrine is used, among other things, as a decorative stone, it is used for figurines, vases, or other decorative items. Due to its unique color combination, it is most commonly used as a gemstone. It finds its application in practically every type of jewelry - in earrings, necklaces, or rings, and it looks most beautiful when combined with gold. Ametrine stones are most often cut into a rectangle or octagon shape so that both colors of this stone are clearly visible. In our offer, you will find faceted ametrine in various shapes and sizes at an affordable price.

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