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Chalcedony - varieties, color

Chalcedony stones occur in various colors, but most commonly, they can be found in light blue, gray, off-white, milky, but also pink, green, or yellow. The color of chalcedony is often due to the inclusions of various minerals found in them, e.g., chrysocolla, hematite, mica, goethite, or chlorite. In some stones, opalescence effect can be observed, while fluorescence under ultraviolet light is present in others. Chalcedony mineral occurs in different varieties:

Chalcedony proper – the most popular variety in blue-gray-white color

Heliotrope - is a type of chalcedony with a green color, containing red spots of iron oxide, resembling drops of blood.

Agate – one of the most popular varieties, occurring in a wide range of colors

Carnelian – occurring in a reddish-brown color

Onyx - an unusual variety of agate characterized by a banded structure in white and black colors.

Sard – a semi-translucent, brownish variety of chalcedony

Chrysoprase – due to nickel oxide coloring, it appears green

Jasper – a type of chalcedony occurring in various colors

Chalcedony – application, price

Chalcedony stones have been used since ancient times to make amulets, seals, figurines, tools and jewelry. They are also used in precision mechanics as a veneer stone and as a raw material for the production of mortars and balls for ball mills. At present, chalcedony stone is a valuable collector's and ornamental stone. However, chalcedony stones are most often used as gemstones for the production of unique jewelry designs. In our offer you will find both chalcedony cabochons and faceted stones at affordable prices.

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