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Chalcedony rose


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Rose Chalcedony - color

Rose chalcedony is available in a variety of colors, with shades of gray, whitish-gray, light blue, milky, but also pink, orange, green, or yellow being the most common. The color of rose chalcedony often depends on the presence of various mineral inclusions such as chrysocolla, hematite, mica, goethite, or chlorite. Interestingly, some of these stones may exhibit an opalescent effect.

Rose Chalcedony - uses

Since ancient times, chalcedony has been used to create figurines, amulets, or tools. It also found practical use in precision mechanics as a lining material and raw material for mortar production. Rose chalcedony stones are valued as collector's items. Nowadays, rose chalcedony is most commonly used in creating unique jewelry designs. In our range, we offer rose chalcedony druse in various sizes.

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