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Chrysoprase - color

Chrysoprase is most commonly found in green color and is sometimes confused with jasper or prehnite. The most valuable chrysoprase stones are those in dark emerald green and dark apple green, but stones in other colors such as light green, blue, turquoise, yellow green, apple green, blue green or apple yellow green can also be found. The color of chrysoprase is due to the presence of nickel, and the shade of green depends on the amount of nickel in the stone. Regarding the degree of transparency of chrysoprase, varieties are known to be both slightly translucent, opaque and transparent. As for the types of chrysoprase, there is matrix chrysoprase, which has the color of the host rocks in which it occurs - white and brown.

Chrysoprase - application

The mineral chrysoprase has been used in various fields since ancient times. It was used to decorate liturgical vessels and to make amulets and talismans. Chrysoprase jewelry is often referred to as Victorian-style because during the Victorian era chrysoprase began to be used to create brooches and rings. Today, chrysoprase is a prized collector's stone that is also used as a veneer stone and in the production of decorative objects. However, due to its unique color, it is mainly used in jewelry making to make necklaces, earrings and rings. Chrysoprase stone is mainly cut into cabochons and flats, but in our offer you will also find faceted chrysoprase.

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