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What sets the mountain crystal apart?

Chemically, mountain crystal - also called rock crystal - consists of silicon dioxide. This mineral is a colorless variety of quartz and occurs in most rocks on Earth. Mountain crystal is mined worldwide, with its largest deposits found in Brazil, the United States, Myanmar, the Alps, and France. In Poland, it occurs in the Karkonosze Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Tatra Mountains, and the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

Where does the term "mountain crystal" come from? This stone took its name from the Greek word "krystallos", which means ice. It's hard to find a more fitting term because the appearance of the rock crystal resembles a transparent, frozen water block. Moreover, it is also cool to the touch.

How to check if a mountain crystal is genuine?

Transparent and colorless mountain crystal - how to recognize that it is genuine? What else sets it apart? Firstly, this stone is heavier than glass, which is often used to make its imitations. Additionally, the mentioned transparency is much greater in its case. Wondering how to check if a mountain crystal is genuine? Gently tap your finger on its surface - the sound you hear should be similar to the melody produced by bells.

Raw mountain crystal - but also a specimen subjected to processing - is hard, so it easily scratches steel but at the same time retains its attractive appearance. What else is worth paying attention to? Mountain crystal does not belong to cleavable minerals and has a characteristic conchoidal fracture.

Mountain Crystal - properties

  • Weak cleavage.

This makes the stone resistant to damage, crushing, and breaking.

  • High hardness.

The durability of mountain crystal is also due to its hardness. On the Mohs scale, this stone has as many as 7 points out of 10, which means it is very resistant to scratches.

  • Transparency and translucency.

Whether cut or uncut, mountain crystal stands out because light passes through it easily. Depending on the type, this stone can be completely colorless, cloudy, or contain inclusions, i.e., inclusions originating from other minerals, fluids, or gases.

Mountain Crystal - application

  • Jewelry.

Mountain crystal on a cord, adorning a bracelet, necklace, or earrings - this stone is a material frequently used by jewelers. Thanks to its elegant, unpretentious appearance, it is used in jewelry production in both classic and modern styles.

  • Decorations.

Large, medium, and small mountain crystals can be an extraordinary decoration for an interior. With its help, you can adorn both the living room at home and a massage parlor or beauty salon.

Mountain Crystal - Gemsonyx Online Store

One of the most beautiful quartz stones? Definitely the mountain crystal! Where to buy such a mineral? Check out the offer of our online store. Here you will find mountain crystal in many variants to choose from. Hexagon, obelisk, cube - decide which shape of stone you like the most.

We also offer various sizes of minerals, so you can easily choose the one that suits you best. All products offered in this section dazzle with transparency, characteristic of mountain crystals. Look at the photos of the crystals, and you will be delighted!

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