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Cuprite - color, price

Cuprite is typically found in various shades from red to black, including brownish-red with a reddish-brown streak. Cuprite stones also occur in colors such as brown, green, blue or blue-green. The color of the stone is also influenced by the mineral impurities it contains, in the case of cuprite these are copper and iron. The prices of the stones depend on their color and the region they come from, but in our online store you will find calibrated cuprite at an affordable price.

Cuprite – usage

Recently cuprite has gained importance due to its use in information technology. It is also used as a local source of copper. However, due to its rarity, it is highly valued as a collector's gemstone. Besides the above mentioned applications, cuprite stones are also used in jewelry to create unique jewelry designs. In our offer you will find unique pairs of cuprite for making earrings and calibrated cuprite that can be used for making necklaces or rings. In our store you will find a wide selection of cuprite flats and cabochons in various shapes and sizes.

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