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Dumortierite stone - properties

Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is 7-8.5, while its density is 3.26-3.41 g/cm³. It forms crystals in needle, prismatic, and columnar shapes and occurs in metamorphic rocks and pegmatites. Its color - blue, purple, or navy - and its intensity depend on the deposit from which it originates. Sometimes dumortierite stones can also be found in other colors such as red, black, gray, or brown. On the surface of the stone, its colors intermingle, creating various patterns. Dumortierite stones have a vitreous, silky luster. Blue dumortierite stones resemble sodalite and lapis lazuli in color and are the most valuable in the jewelry industry.

Dumortierite stone - applications

Dumortierite has a wide range of applications. It is used in the ceramic industry, in the production of refractory materials, but also has collector's value. As a gemstone, however, it is mainly used in the production of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces or rings. Dumortierite is a highly valued gemstone as it is a cheaper alternative to lapis lazuli that can also be used to make figurines and cameos. In our online store you will find both dumortierite cabochons and flats in various shapes and sizes.

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