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Natural emerald – what kind of stone is it?

Emerald – a natural stone, which is the most expensive among the beryl varieties. Chemically, this mineral is classed as one of the silicates. The name emerald comes from the Greek word smaragdus, meaning green. No term would better match these stones characterised by captivating light and dark green colours. The shade of a given specimen depends on the amount of elements such as iron, vanadium and chromium, in its composition. The history of emeralds began hundreds of millions of years ago. They were formed in the layers of magma when various elements penetrated the rocks transforming under high pressure. The largest deposits of these gemstones are found in Colombia and Brazil. Another area rich in these precious minerals is Africa. On this continent, they are mined in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

What do emeralds look like?

Emerald – how to recognize this gemstone? In the case of this mineral, colour is more important than in the case of any other. What does an emerald look like? It has a green, slightly bluish colour. However, too much blue is not desirable because it reduces the value of the stone. Secondly, most emeralds have visible inclusions, such as delicate white streaks. Unlike in the case of other gemstones, they are not considered defects in emeralds. On the contrary, these are the characteristic features of most minerals of this type. So, pay attention to it, if you are wondering how to check the authenticity of an emerald. Stones that do not have visible flaws are considered to be the most valuable. The price of this type of emerald can even be higher than the amount you would have to pay for a diamond!

Emerald – properties

Intense green colour

Emerald, raw or polished, dazzles with its beautiful colour. Lush green is the hallmark of this precious stone.

Different degrees of transparency

Depending on the specimen, these gemstones can be fully transparent, decorated with inclusions or opaque.

High hardness

Uncut emerald, but also the processed one, is a relatively hard mineral. On the Mohs scale it ranges between 7.5 and 8 points out of 10. At the same time, however, these stones are quite friable, so they should be handled with care.

Emerald – a gemstone with a variety of uses


Emerald- a stone that is used to create luxurious jewellery. Rings, necklaces and earrings decorated with these stones delight with their intense, juicy colour.


The beautiful emerald stone also works well as a material for the production of elegant decorations. It can decorate elegant candlesticks, vases, photo frames or mirrors. That is not all. It is also a great interior decoration in itself. When placed on a chest of drawers, on a desk or in a window, it attracts attention and adds a luxurious character to the room.

Emeralds in the Gemsonyx online store

A stone of a captivating green colour? This section of our online store offers you emeralds in a round or oval shape, in several sizes to choose from. Individual specimens also differ in price, which depends, among other things, on the weight and size of the stone. All the emeralds available at Gemsonyx have one thing in common – a delightful appearance. Browse through the photos of our products and you will see for yourself! Equally important, we are one of the few producers of gemstones in Poland, and most of our assortment is processed and polished on-site.

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