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Garnet - a precious stone, what distinguishes it among other minerals?

Garnet - a crystal from the group of silicates. The name of this mineral comes from Latin, where "granatus" means pomegranate, which is quite apt, considering that both the seeds of this plant and the precious stones often have a similar, intensely red color. However, remember that the color of this mineral may be completely different and depends on the chemical structure of a given specimen. Garnets can be green, orange, yellow, or black. Colorless specimens are also occasionally encountered.

Where does garnet occur? This mineral is characteristic of metamorphic rocks, for example, those formed under the influence of high temperatures and pressures deep beneath the Earth's surface. The largest deposits of garnets are found in Australia and the Czech Republic. Additionally, they can be found in Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and India. Polish regions rich in garnets include the vicinity of Szklarska Poręba and Strzegom.

How to recognize garnet? A stone with non-uniform coloring.

Wondering how to recognize garnet? Natural stone will have non-uniform color, with various shades of one color or tiny inclusions visible on its surface. Secondly, you should notice the cat's eye effect, which is a shimmering streak of light. Also, pay attention to the size of the crystal. What does natural garnet look like? Large stones are usually imitations, while real specimens are typically similar in size to pomegranate seeds. Those that have been cut are even smaller.

One last tip. Check how much garnet costs. The price depends on the size of the stone, its color, weight, type of cut, and quality. In our online store, you can buy small, few-millimeter specimens for as little as a dozen EUR, while larger and very high-quality ones will cost you from several dozen to several hundred EUR.

Noble Garnet Stone - properties

  • High Hardness.

Scratch resistant garnet? This type of precious stone is relatively hard. On the Mohs scale, it ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 out of 10 points.

  • Luster.

Another characteristic feature of garnet is its shiny surface - depending on the specimen and its chemical composition, the luster can be vitreous or metallic.

  • Color variety.

Garnets captivate with their variety of colors. Among the most well-known varieties worth mentioning are: ruby-red pyrope, rose and red-hued rhodolite, or reddish-brown almandine - all of which you'll find in this section of our offer.

Garnet Stone - application

  • Jewelry production.

Garnet - a mineral with a distinct color and eye-catching luster - is an excellent material for producing high-quality jewelry. Jewelers use it to create elegant earrings, captivating necklaces, and original bracelets.

  • Decorations.

Garnets have been used for years to decorate various objects. They can adorn boxes, lamps, vessels, or sculptures.

Various Garnets - stones available in the Gemsonyx online store

Marquise, octagon, pear - in our online store, you can buy garnets in many different shapes. Moreover, we offer these precious stones in several color variants to choose from. Check out the most popular red and pink specimens as well as the more original brown, orange, and black crystals. Also, choose the most suitable stone cut: you can opt for a faceted model, in the form of a cabochon or plate. Although individual specimens differ from each other, their common feature is a dazzling appearance. Browse through the photos of the products we offer, and you'll see for yourself!

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