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Hawk’s Eye


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Hawk's Eye - color

Hawk's Eye is a stone with a unique appearance that attracts attention with its color, structure, and luster. Its unique character makes it valued by collectors as well as by people looking for original and eye-catching decorations. Hawk's Eye stones occur in colors such as bluish-green, bluish-gray, bluish-brown, graphite, and navy blue. The color of these stones depends primarily on the level of iron oxide present in the stone and its mineral composition. A characteristic feature of Hawk's Eye is the cat's eye effect, which consists of observing shimmering stripes in gray, green, or blue on its surface when the position of the stone changes. This phenomenon arises due to the fibrous structure of this mineral, specifically fibrous inclusions of unoxidized crocidolite or riebeckite.

Hawk's Eye - application

Due to the relatively rare occurrence of attractive specimens, Hawk's Eye stone is a sought-after collector's item. Considering the visual qualities of these stones, they are primarily valued as ornamental stones and jewelry stones. Hawk's Eye stones are used, among other things, in the creation of figurines, vases, caskets, or other decorative objects. However, most often, Hawk's Eye stone is used in jewelry making to create necklaces, rings, or earrings. Hawk's Eye looks very good in jewelry when combined with other natural stones such as fluorite, tiger's eye, or citrine. Our jewelry stone shop offers Hawk's Eye cabochons in various sizes.

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