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Heliotrope – color

Heliotrope stones are most commonly dark green with red flecks. The green color of this mineral is due to actinolite crystals, while the addition of the red color comes from iron oxide. The red color can appear in various forms - spots, dots, stripes, veins or blood-like inclusions. Heliotrope stone can also be found in other colors such as brown, orange or burgundy. Its intense color and irregular structure make it a prized decorative ston.

Heliotrope – uses

Since ancient times, natural heliotrope has been used to make amulets, talismans or decorative items such as vases, sculptures or figurines. Because of its uniqueness, heliotrope is also a valuable collector's stone. Primarily due to its attractive appearance, it is used as a gemstone in the production of distinctive necklaces and rings. Heliotrope is most often given a cabochon cut, as this allows all of its most beautiful and valuable aspects to be revealed.

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