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Jadeite - color, varieties

Jadeite occurs in a wide range of colors - from white, yellow, green, pink to purple, blue, red or black. The most popular variety of jadeite is green - this color is due to chromium impurities. In the past, jadeite was often confused with nephrite because of its similar appearance. It was not until 1863 that it was discovered that they were two different minerals, despite their very similar appearance. The color of jadeite is more intense than that of nephrite and they also have different properties. Because of its color, jadeite is often confused with serpentine, green agate, vesuvianite or chalcedony. Some of the most popular varieties of jadeite include the aforementioned green jadeite, as well as:

  • chloromelanite - occurs in colors ranging from green to black,
  • imperial jadeite - the most valuable variety in an intense emerald green color,
  • astridite - a type of jadeite with a dark green hue,
  • white jadeite,
  • yellow jadeite,
  • lavender jadeite,
  • red jadeite.

Jadeite – uses

Due to its hardness, jadeite has been used since ancient times for the production of ornaments, figurines, weapons and tools. The jadeite mineral is also important in science as an indicator of rock transformation conditions and characteristics. For natural stone enthusiasts, it is a sought-after and valuable collector's gem. Interestingly, jadeite also finds application in cosmetology, where it is used in body massage, production of jade rollers and combs. Jadeite is most commonly used as a jewelry stone because of its durability. Thanks to this property, jadeite jewelry will serve you for many years and keep its beautiful appearance. In our offer you can find jadeite cabochons that can be used to create stunning jewelry designs.

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