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Jasper - varieties

Due to the availability of many jaspers in different colors on the gemstone market, we can distinguish the following types of jaspers:

  • Brecciated jasper - its appearance is a combination of different shades of brown, red, gray and white, resembling the structure of broken rocks.
  • Green jasper - occurs in a green color with black inclusions.
  • Imperial Jasper - characterized by an intense red color, its name alludes to the royal appearance of this stone.
  • Red Jasper - the most popular variety of jasper in red color with characteristic spots.
  • Landscape Jasper - characterized by a unique pattern resembling landscapes and natural scenes. Its appearance includes various combinations of colors and patterns, such as shades of green, brown, gray or white flecks.
  • Bumble Bee Jasper - a variety of jasper with a unique pattern of yellow-black stripes resembling the coloration of a bumble bee.
  • Imperial Jasper (multicolored) - its surface resembles a desert landscape.
  • Kalahari Jasper - also known as picture jasper
  • Coral Jasper - characterized by a reddish-brown color
  • Porcelain Jasper - mainly found in pink-gray colors
  • Yakutian Jasper - found in Russia, in the region of Yakutia
  • Green Jasper - characterized by its green color with black inclusions.

Many other varieties of jasper occur in nature, but the most important ones have been described above and are mostly available in our online gemstone store.

Jasper - uses

Jaspers have been used as ornamental stones since ancient times. People have used them to create various objects such as seals, sculptures, talismans, amulets, or elements of artistic and religious craftsmanship. Their beauty has made them widely used as jewelry and decorative material, serving to produce both utilitarian and artistic objects. Because of their unique patterns and exceptional colors, jaspers are highly valued in jewelry making. Jasper stones are most often cut into cabochons and flats, which are used to create unique jewelry projects - earrings, rings, brooches or pendants. Jaspers in jewelry are often paired with other gemstones, for example, green jasper looks great with citrine, while coral jasper looks good with gray agate. In our online store you will find a wide selection of Jaspers in various shapes and sizes.

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