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Kyanite – color

Kyanite is a stone that most commonly occurs in shades of blue, but it can also be found in white, gray, green, yellow, black or orange. The color of kyanite depends on impurities from other minerals and light. Kyanite stones are characterized by pleochroism, which is a change in color depending on the angle of light incidence. Sometimes white needles can be seen inside the stone. Because of its navy blue color, kyanite stones are sometimes mistaken for sapphires. Valuable kyanite stones include those with a cat's eye effect, as this unique phenomenon can be observed in some specimens.

Kyanite – application

Kyanite has a very wide range of applications in various industries - it is used in both industry and jewelry. Its scientific significance is also significant, as it serves as an important indicator of metamorphism. In ancient times, it was used in the production of porcelain and ceramics due to its resistance to high temperatures. Because of this property, it is also used in the manufacture of refractory and insulating materials. Kyanite stone is also a valuable collector's gemstone. Currently, however, kyanite is most commonly used as a gemstone because of its unique blue color. The price of kyanite depends on several factors such as color, country of origin, size or quality of the stone. However, compared to other gemstones such as diamond, ruby or emerald, natural kyanite is relatively inexpensive. In our online store you will find faceted kyanite in a beautiful blue color that you can use to create unique rings or necklaces.

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