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Labradorite - properties

Labradorite is a silicate stone from the plagioclase group of feldspar minerals. It consists of albite and anorthite, making it a combination of two minerals that give it its unique color. Labradorite stones contain inclusions, most commonly rutile, magnetite, hematite, zircon, or ilmenite. When these inclusions are well arranged, we can observe unique light effects and coloring on the stone.

Labradorite - color, light effects

Labradorite stones mainly occur in shades of gray with metallic hints of blue, green, or yellow. Like moonstones, labradorites exhibit a beautiful iridescence effect. This effect occurs when, depending on the angle of incidence of light, multi-colored flashes appear in rainbow colors. This phenomenon in labradorites is called labradorescence. This phenomenon occurs because of the interference of incident light on labradorite, which is reflected in beautiful effects on the surface of the stones.

Labradorite - price, where to buy?

You can buy labradorite cabochons in our online store at reasonable prices. We offer calibrated labradorites and their specimens. In the case of calibrated labradorites, you receive a random stone from a given batch, which may differ slightly from what is presented in the photo because they are natural stones, and as such each has its unique pattern. In our store, you will find calibrated labradorite cabochons in shapes such as pear, round, oval, and marquise.

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