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Larimar - color

A characteristic feature of larimar is its unique blue color. Larimar stones can also be found in shades ranging from light blue to intense turquoise. The presence of copper is responsible for the blue color of these stones. On the surface of the stones, we can also notice white spots resembling a blue sky with clouds. Due to its natural color, larimar is sometimes mistaken for turquoise.

Larimar - application, price

Larimar stone, due to its properties, is mainly used as a gemstone in jewelry making. Considering its unique color, it is also valued as a decorative stone used in the production of decorative items such as cabinet handles. Due to its rarity, larimar is valued as a collector's stone. Larimar is primarily a symbol of the Dominican Republic and is very often used by local jewelers to create unique earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Larimar stones are most commonly given a cabochon cut to bring out their most beautiful features. Interestingly, the quality of larimar stones depends on their color, with those in the perfect blue shade being among the most valuable and sought after. In our store, you will find larimar cabochons in various shapes and sizes.

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