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Malachite - pattern, color

The copper compounds from which malachite formed are responsible for its green color. Malachite stone, therefore, occurs in shades ranging from light green to dark green. Malachite stones are soft, making them easy to work with in jewelry making. It is through polishing and cutting that beautiful green hues and banded layers are extracted from them. Malachite is most commonly subjected to lapidary processing, taking on an oval or round shape with a cabochon cut, which allows for the extraction of its key features - linearly arranged layers, sometimes forming rings or irregular streaks. All malachite flats and cabochons are unique, meaning there is no other stone like it in the world. It is this uniqueness of malachite stones that makes them most often used in jewelry making. Malachite stones should be smooth and heavy to the touch, with a deep green color and silky luster - these characteristics indicate their authenticity.

Malachite - uses, price

As early as ancient times, malachite was used to create decorative stones - cameos and gems, and its powdered form was used as a cosmetic pigment for eyeshadows. In the Middle Ages, malachite stones were used as decorations for insignia, reliquaries, or books. Malachite also found its application in architecture, as it was used as cladding for walls or columns. However, malachite stones are most commonly used in jewelry making because they are highly valued jewelry stones. In jewelry, malachite is often combined with rock crystal, and it is usually set in a silver or copper setting, which best highlights its qualities. Typically, malachite stones used in jewelry production are in the form of cabochons, from which beautiful rings, necklaces, or earrings are created.

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