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Marcasite - color

Marcasite stones mainly occur in dark green, golden, light yellow, silvery, brass, or black colors. A characteristic feature of this mineral is its metallic luster, which arises from the crystal structure of marcasite and its electrical properties. The color of individual stones depends primarily on the presence of other minerals in their structure.

Marcasite - uses

Since ancient times, marcasite has been a valued natural stone used, among other things, to create amulets and exceptional jewelry. It was during ancient times that Cleopatra and Queen Victoria popularized the use of marcasite in jewelry. Natural marcasite is still used to create unique jewelry designs today, such as earrings, necklaces, or rings. Marcasite pairs very well with other gemstones such as opals, garnets, or onyxes. Due to its properties and appearance, marcasite is valued as a collector's stone. Additionally, it has applications in science - it is a raw material for sulfuric acid production and iron ore. Considering the attractive appearance of marcasite stones, they are also used as decorative stones in furniture or sculptures. In our online store, you will find exceptional specimens of marcasite druse in various sizes.

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