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Mookaite – color

Mookaite occurs in many different colors - cream, beige, brown, yellow, red, orange, purple, or brown. Interestingly, the colors of mookaite are 100% natural and are the work of nature, indicating their uniqueness, as no two stones have the same color and pattern. The colors in this mineral are due to the presence of oxides and hydroxides of iron. On the surface of mookaite stones, you can observe unique patterns created by streaks, stripes, and spots, which have formed as a result of geological processes. Mookaite stones have a more or less mottled surface with streaks, depending on the proportions of minerals from which they are formed.

Mookaite – application

Due to the fact that mookaite is only mined in one place in the world, which indicates its rarity, it is a valuable collector's stone. In the past, mookaite stones were used to create amulets and talismans. Considering its visual qualities, mookaite is most commonly used as a decorative stone and in jewelry making. Mookaite looks very good in jewelry when combined with other gemstones such as onyx, mountain crystal, or heliotrope. Mookaite cabochons are often used in techniques such as soutache, beading, or wire wrapping.

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