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What is moonstone?

Moonstone - also known as adular or adularian moonstone - belongs to the noble varieties of feldspar. Although these are some of the most common minerals in the Earth's crust, in combination with potassium, they produce a visually stunning effect. That's why they are valued in jewelry and craftsmanship.

Moonstone, as it is also mistakenly called, is mainly found in the Swiss mountain range of Adular. Additionally, its deposits are found in India and Sri Lanka.

Moonstone - how to recognize a real mineral?

What does moonstone look like? Unpolished specimens of this type may have a light or dark blue, white, or gray color. Brown specimens are much rarer. Most moonstones are milky translucent, and among other feldspars, they stand out with their shine visible on their surface. The silvery-pearl glow, sometimes taking on a blue hue, brings to mind the light emitted by the natural Earth satellite - hence the term moonstone. Raw adular usually comes in the form of a lump.

Wondering how to recognize moonstone? Pay close attention to its shimmer. Natural moonstone has a characteristic glow that is only found in one place on the mineral and disappears when you rotate it. Imitations of this mineral, on the other hand, shine evenly on all sides.

Moonstone - properties

  • Rich color palette.

As mentioned earlier, moonstones come in various shades of blue and gray, as well as white and multicolored specimens.

  • Captivating optical effects.

Moonstones are described as milky or translucent. The mesmerizing visual effect is enhanced by the shimmering or reflections visible on the surface of this mineral.

  • High hardness.

On the Mohs scale, moonstone has 6-6.5 points out of 10, which means it is quite hard. However, it is relatively brittle, so caution should be exercised during its processing.

  • Low refractive index.

Thanks to this, the surface of moonstones is much more matte than that of mountain crystals or other minerals.

Moonstones and their application

  • Jewelry.

Original bracelets, elegant rings, captivating necklaces - moonstones are minerals often used in jewelry.

  • Interior decoration.

Adular can not only complement your outfit but also serve as a decoration for the interior of your home. A moonstone with a captivating silver glow is worth decorating the living room, the dining room, or the office.

Moonstone - Gemsonyx Online Store

Moonstone in pear, oval, or rectangular shapes, with faceted, rose cut, or cabochon cuts? In the Gemsonyx online store - one of the few producers of gemstones in Poland - you can purchase adular in any of these configurations. What's more, we offer this mineral in various color versions: check out white, gray, blue, and multicolored specimens. You can also opt for round cabochons or convex flats. And if you're looking for moonstones with very high transparency and purity, see what our AA quality stones look like.

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