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Natural stones


Tourmaline drilled natural crystal 18,5x9 mm
Price: 18.74 EUR 16.87 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 18.74 EUR

Ruby drilled natural crystal 16,5x7 mm
Price: 23.43 EUR 21.08 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 23.43 EUR

Ruby drilled natural crystal 16,5x6 mm
Price: 17.57 EUR 15.70 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 17.57 EUR

Tourmaline drilled natural crystal 10,5x4,5 mm
Price: 14.06 EUR 12.65 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 14.06 EUR

Tourmaline drilled natural crystal 22,5x5,5 mm
Price: 33.97 EUR 30.46 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 33.97 EUR

Tourmaline drilled natural crystal 19,5x4,5 mm
Price: 30.46 EUR 27.41 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 30.46 EUR

Tourmaline drilled natural crystal 17,5x4 mm
Price: 22.26 EUR 19.91 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 22.26 EUR

Aquamarine drilled natural crystal 12,5x2,5 mm
Price: 11.71 EUR 10.54 EUR

The lowest price from 30 days before the reduction: 11.71 EUR


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What are natural stones? What is their history?

Natural stones – as the name implies – are rocks, minerals and solids formed naturally as a result of various geological processes. Different types of them vary in structure, chemical composition, as well as properties. Natural stone has been used by humans for thousands of years, both in construction and for making jewelry. As early as in the Paleolithic period, necklaces were made from bones, which were decorated with pieces of minerals, such as chalcedony and jade. Lapis lazuli, turquoise, beryl – these natural stones were used by the ancient Egyptians to make jewelry. Despite the passage of years, the minerals are still as popular as they were back then, and today they are used to make exquisite necklaces, colorful bracelets or unique rings.

Natural stones – properties and characteristics

• High hardness.

Depending on the type, a natural stone can have different degree of hardness. Thus, on the Mohs scale, which is used to determine the resistance of minerals to scratching, a diamond has a maximum score of 10, a sapphire 9, and an amethyst 7.

• Transparency.

Some types of natural stones, such as diamonds, attribute their attractive appearance to their characteristic intense luster and transparency.

• Rich colors.

The color of natural stones depends on their chemical composition, degree of clarity and texture. Blue sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds – Gemsonyx is an online store where you can find natural stones in an extensive palette of colors. 

Types of natural stones

There are thousands of different types of natural stones in the world, among which minerals are predominant. Their diversity is reflected in rich colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Here are some of the types of natural stones you can buy in our online store:


Not only the hardest natural stone, but also considered one of the most valuable minerals. It can have a variety of colors: black, silver, blue.


Most often associated with an intense blue color, sapphire also comes in shades of yellow or pink. It is very hard and resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.


Natural gemstones? Emerald is one of the rarest, and therefore most expensive, minerals in the world. It attracts attention due to the beautiful appearance and non-uniform coloration with inclusions in the form of delicate streaks.


Natural stones for jewelry? A beautiful ruby of red-pink color is perfect for this role. This stone embellishes rings, earrings, necklaces and other types of jewelry products.


Opal, in turn, impresses with its luster. In contrast to other stones, it is very soft and delicate.

Natural stones for jewelry making and more

Thanks to their diversity, natural stones have a very wide range of applications. They are used, among other things, in:

Jewelry manufacturing

Natural stones for bracelets? By all means! It is difficult to imagine a material that will work better in this role. The stones available in our online store – sapphire, ruby, opal or amethyst – are used in the production of bracelets and other jewelry products: necklaces, pendants and rings.

Interior design

Our natural stone wholesaler is the place where you can get products that will be an elegant decoration for your home. Examples? An amazonite placed on the dresser in the living room, an amethyst decorating the dining room, a rock crystal on the desk – such stones will catch the guests’ eyes, enchant them with their natural beauty and add a luxurious touch to the interior.

Natural stones wholesaler for jewelry making

Our store with natural stones offers an extensive range of products, including mineral nuggets, rock crystals and cabochons. Rectangular, octagonal, round – choose the stone shape you like best. Also, check out their different color versions: from colorless, through delicate shades of blue and pink, intense greens, to black and brown. A wide assortment is not the only reason why you should shop at natural stone jewelry wholesaler Gemsonyx. We are among the few manufacturers in Poland, and unlike our competitors, we polish and process most of our natural stones on-site.

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