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Obsidian - types, colors

Obsidian most commonly occurs in black, but due to the presence of iron oxide, but it can also be found in other colors such as red or brown. When obsidian stones contain air bubbles, a golden shine can be observed on their surface. Obsidian can also contain other minerals or impurities, causing it to appear in various colors such as olive, silver, orange, dark gray, or golden. For example, the presence of hematite causes the red coloration of obsidian, while goethite causes brown colors. The following varieties of obsidian are distinguished:

  • silver obsidian - exhibits iridescence and a silver sheen, mainly found in Mexico.
  • golden obsidian - golden sheen appears on black stone due to small gas bubbles.
  • rainbow (iridescent) obsidian - exhibits visible iridescence in colors such as gold, green, blue, or purple; it is a highly valued gemstone for jewelry and collections.
  • snowflake obsidian - the name of this variety comes from the appearance of the stone, as white spots resemble snowflakes against a black background.
  • onyx obsidian - its surface features interchanging light and dark layers, similar to onyx.
  • mahogany obsidian - occurs in shades of reddish-brown and darker black.
  • wave obsidian - irregular stripes and streaks appear on its surface.

Obsidian - application

Obsidian has a wide range of applications in many fields, for example, it is used for making knives or surgical tools. It has also gained popularity recently for its use as watch dials. Obsidian stones are also highly valued decorative stones - they are used for amulets, sculptures, figurines, and vases. Due to its elegant black color and luster, it is popularly used as a gemstone. Obsidian stone is most commonly cut as a cabochon and used to create unique jewelry designs. In jewelry, obsidian is often combined with other minerals of similar color, such as onyx or spinel. In our offer, you will find both faceted stones, flats, and obsidian cabochons, which you can use to create beautiful earrings or necklaces.

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