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Onyx - varieties, color

The classic variety of onyx is interlaced with white threads and occurs in black or dark gray color. Other varieties of onyx, however, can assume completely different colors. Onyx stone often has a smooth surface, but sometimes it happens to have cracks and indentations. In its structure, one can often see light or white stripes/spots, which arise from the presence of other minerals during the formation of the stone. This phenomenon is called banding or agatization. The following varieties of onyx are distinguished:

  • Arabic onyx - also called black onyx, chalcedony, or true onyx.
  • Egyptian onyx - comes from Egypt and is a variety of marble onyx.
  • Aragonite onyx - a striped rock in brown-cream color, also called calcite onyx.
  • Pakistani onyx - a marbled variety of onyx from Pakistan.
  • Mexican onyx - also known as padrara onyx, found in stalactite forms, in green or white color.
  • Châtillon onyx - comes from Châtillon in Italy and is a translucent variety of calcite.
  • Sardonyx - its name comes from iron inclusions, it has brownish-red and white stripes.

Onyx - application

Onyx stones have been used since ancient times for making seals or cameos. Currently, onyx has a very wide range of applications - from jewelry to decorative items. It is used for sculptures, intaglios, and inlay work. Onyx stone is also highly valued as a collector's item. However, it is most commonly used as a decorative stone for creating decorative items and jewelry. In the context of decorative items, it is used for vases, lamps, figurines, as well as building facades and for making tabletops and cladding. Onyx stones are highly valued gemstones because they are elegant, timeless, and resistant to changing trends, making them one of the most popular stones for making rings, necklaces, or earrings for many years. Onyx in jewelry is often combined with other jewelry stones such as jasper or citrine. In our online store, you will find both faceted stones, cabochons, and onyx flats in various shapes.

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