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Petrified Wood


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Petrified wood – color, price

Petrified wood stones have unique patterns and textures due to the minerals they are filled with. The color of individual stones depends on the amount of impurities from other minerals that have penetrated the mineralizing silica. As a result, petrified wood can be found in a variety of colors, including white, gray, green, pink, blue, red, yellow, brown, and black. The impurities responsible for these colors are mainly silica, chromium, manganese, carbon, calcium, magnesium, apatite or fluorite. In our natural stone online store you will find a wide selection of petrified wood stones, both in cabochon and flat cuts.

Petrified wood – applications

Petrified wood is of great scientific importance because its well-preserved wood structure allows for species identification and paleoclimate studies. The analysis of annual ring variability is one example of how petrified wood can be used to interpret climate history. It is also a valuable collector's stone, with particularly valuable specimens made of chalcedony, jasper, or those filled with amethyst. In Europe, petrified wood is a valuable resource for the production of luxury furniture such as sinks, benches or tables. However, this mineral is primarily used in the production of unique jewelry designs, such as necklaces, earrings or rings. In our shop you will find both petrified wood cabochons and flats in various sizes and shapes.

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