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Prasiolite - color, price

Prasiolite is an idiochromatic mineral, meaning its color depends on its chemical composition and internal structure. The green color of prasiolite is due to the presence of iron and aluminum ions. Prasiolite is most commonly found in colors such as green, greenish-yellow, onion-green, and can be almost transparent. Natural prasiolite is often encountered in a very light, green color - almost translucent. Prasiolite stone is characterized by banding because it contains alternating layers of crystals with varying intensities of color. Due to the similarity in colors, prasiolite is sometimes mistaken for jaspers, peridots, aventurines, or chrysoprases. In our online store, you will find prasiolite stones at affordable prices, although prices may vary depending on the country of origin of the specific prasiolite stone and its transparency and color.

Prasiolite - application

Prasiolite is a valued collector's stone and ornamental stone due to its natural beauty. However, it is most commonly used as a jewelry stone in the production of jewelry. Due to its unique color, it is most often used to create delicate and subtle jewelry. Prasiolite stones look very good when combined with zirconias or other jewelry stones such as topaz or tourmaline. In our offer, you will find both faceted prasiolite and cabochons of this mineral in various shapes.

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