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Prehnite - color, price

Prehnite stones are most commonly found in colors such as shades of green, yellow, white, gray, colorless, or brown. Among the most prized specimens by jewelers are those in grayish-blue color. Some prehnite stones exhibit a cat's eye effect, which is a luminous stripe appearing on the stone resembling a cat's pupil. Sometimes prehnite stones contain inclusions of iron or other minerals, e.g., inclusions of black tourmaline. Due to its color, prehnite stone is sometimes mistaken for peridot, chrysoprase, jadeite, or aragonite. Prehnite stone can have transparency ranging from transparent to semi-transparent.

Prehnite - application

Due to its rare occurrence, prehnite is a highly valued collector's stone. It is also used as an ornamental stone for the production of sculptures, vases, or figurines. Because of its exceptional beauty, prehnite is most commonly used as a jewelry stone. Natural prehnite is usually cut into cabochons because this cut best highlights the characteristic silky luster of this mineral. Prehnite in jewelry is worth combining with other jewelry stones that complement the delicate color of this mineral, such as red coral or black onyx. In our store, you will find faceted prehnite as well as cabochons of this mineral with which you can create unique earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

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