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Purpurite - color

Purpurite stones are most commonly found in colors ranging from dark pink to purple. In addition to the mentioned colors, purpurite can also be found in dark brown, brown, dark gray, or green. The color of purpurite is due to the presence of iron and manganese ions. Due to its color, purpurite is sometimes mistaken for sugilite or charoite. A characteristic feature of this mineral is its strong pleochroism, which means that minerals or crystals absorb light in different ways, causing a change in color depending on the direction of observation.

Purpurite - application

Purpurite stone has a wide range of applications in various fields, as it is used both in jewelry making and in industry. Because purpurite is a rare mineral, it is sought after and valued as a collector's stone. Purpurite mineral is also used in the production of cosmetics and skincare products. Purpurite is used as a raw material in the production of pigments and paints, and in industry, it is used in the production of ceramics and glass. Due to its visual attractiveness, natural purpurite is a valuable ornamental stone used, for example, in sculptures or decorative elements in construction. Considering the beautiful purple color of this mineral, purpurite stones are eagerly used as jewelry stones in creating unique jewelry designs such as earrings or bracelets. Our jewelry store offers beautiful purpurite flats.

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