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What is quartz?

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth and is a component of many rocks. Its largest specimens are found in the United States and Canada. In Poland, it is mined in the Sudetes. Chemically, pure quartz is silicon dioxide, which is why it is called silica. What else distinguishes quartz? This mineral has 7 points on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale. Not only is it scratch-resistant, but it is also considered one of the hardest spatial stones in the world.

What does quartz look like? Colors of this mineral

Natural quartz stones take various forms: crystals, geodes, or schists. It occurs in numerous varieties that differ from each other, among other things, in colors. Rock crystal is completely transparent, smoky quartz has a brownish-gray color, amethyst captivates with shades of purple, citrine – as the name suggests – is yellow, and aventurine – most often – is intensely green. On the other hand, the popular pink quartz owes its color to the addition of elements such as manganese and titanium.

Quartz – Properties

  • Color variety.

As we mentioned earlier, quartz comes in a multitude of colors. Thanks to the variety of colors, this mineral allows for the creation of jewelry, decorations, and architectural elements in various styles: from classic, through vintage, to modernist.

  • High hardness.

Not without reason, the name of this mineral comes from the Slavic term "kwarda", which means hard. Quartz crystal is, after all, one of the most damage-resistant minerals!

  • Different degrees of transparency.

The vast majority of quartz stones are transparent or translucent, which means that light easily passes through them.

  • Ease of processing.

Quartz can be easily shaped and polished, making it a grateful jewelry material.

Quartz stone and its application

  • Jewelry.

Various types of quartz – amethyst, rock crystal, citrine, smoky quartz, chalcedony – have been used in jewelry for years. They are used to make rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, or bracelets.

  • Decorations.

Quartz – a stone that can be a spectacular interior decoration. Place it in a display case, on a dresser, or on a desk – it will look equally impressive in any configuration.

  • Artistic crafts.

Hard and durable quartz stone can also serve as a material for creating sculptures. The works made from it are exceptionally beautiful – they captivate with a variety of colors and shine spectacularly.

Types of quartz – our Gemsonyx online store offer

In this section of our online store, you will find quartz in many variants to choose from. Individual stones differ in color, size, and shape. That's not all. We also offer various varieties of this mineral. What's very important, we are one of the few producers of gemstones in Poland, and most of our assortment is processed and polished on-site! In our online store, you can buy:

The characteristic smoky color of this variety of quartz is the result of exposure to sunlight. In our Gemsonyx online store, you can buy it in the form of round cabochons, faceted rose cut, and more.

Quartz crystals in various shades of pink, due to the eye-catching color, are a valued material used in the production of jewelry – for example, engagement rings.

Honey quartz? Varieties of this mineral captivate with a variety of colors, and for this one, the shade close to the color of honey produced by bees is characteristic. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the fact that it is a relatively rare mineral. It occurs mainly in the Americas and Spain. In our online store, you can buy it in the form of faceted stones.

Quartz in various varieties – Order at Gemsonyx.com

Amethyst, smoky quartz, rose quartz, honey quartz – check out the available quartz stones in various shapes and sizes in our online store.

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