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Ruby Zoisite


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Zoisite with Ruby - color

The characteristic feature of zoisite with ruby is its unique combination of colors - intense red ruby combined with green zoisite. This unique combination gives them an unparalleled appearance that attracts attention and makes them highly valued in the world of gemstones. The exceptional color of zoisite with ruby is due to epidote and corundum. Ruby stones most commonly occur in an intense red color, while zoisite is green or yellow-green. Some zoisite with ruby stones exhibit interesting optical effects, such as cat's eye or shimmering.

Zoisite with Ruby - uses

The combination of these two minerals in zoisite with ruby creates an extraordinary color composition that is highly attractive to collectors and jewelers. The chemical properties of both minerals, namely the hardness of ruby and the characteristic color of zoisite, make zoisite with ruby an extremely valued and unique mineral, primarily used in jewelry. Due to its unique charm, zoisite with ruby stones is mainly used in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In our gemstone store, you will find both faceted zoisite with ruby specimens and pairs.

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