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Seraphinite - color

Seraphinite stones typically occur in shades of green with white or yellow. They can also be found in colors such as black, pink-red, dark green, or white. A characteristic feature of seraphinite is its pearly-silvery inclusions and streaks in the stone's structure, resembling feathers from angel wings. Banded layers and inclusions create unique patterns on the surface of the stones, making each stone unique.

Seraphinite - uses, price

Due to its rare occurrence, seraphinite is a desirable collector's stone. Considering its unique streaks and patterns on the surface, it is also used as a material for sculptures and decorations. However, seraphinite stones are most commonly used in creating exquisite jewelry. To bring out the most beautiful effects from the stone, it is mainly cut into cabochons. In our online store, you can find both seraphinite cabochons and flats from which you can create unique necklaces or rings. Artisans often use seraphinite cabochons in techniques such as wire wrapping, soutache, or bead embroidery.

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