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Serpentinite - color

Serpentinite stones are most commonly found in colors such as green, brown, red, bluish-green, yellow, or black. Often, cracks are present in the structure of the stones, intersected by veins of secondary materials such as opal, chalcedony, sepiolite, or quartz. Veins running through serpentinite stones are usually black, sometimes taking on a yellow, white, or red hue. A characteristic feature of serpentinite is the zigzags and streaks on its surface. Serpentinite is most often cut into cabochons, but in our offer, you can also find faceted serpentinite.

Serpentinite - uses

The mineral serpentinite has a wide range of uses due to its properties, as it is used in both construction and jewelry making. Serpentinite stones are very durable, so they are often used as decorative stones for gardens, road or construction aggregates. It is used in the production of vases, borders, fountains, terraces, garden paths, garden fences, or outdoor furniture such as pergolas or benches. Serpentinite stone is also commonly used in the production of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, or earrings. Serpentinite in jewelry is best paired with contrasting colors such as yellow citrine or classic black onyx or sardonyx.

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