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Shattuckite - color

Shattuckite mainly occurs in intensely blue or blue-green colors, but sometimes specimens with a green hue can be found. On the surface of shattuckite stones, black or brown shades forming irregular patterns can sometimes be observed. A characteristic feature of shattuckite is its blue streak. The blue color of shattuckite is due to the oxidation process of copper deposits. In shattuckite stones, pleochroism occurs, which means that minerals or crystals absorb light in different ways, showing color changes depending on the direction of observation.

Shattuckite - application

Considering its rare occurrence, shattuckite is a sought-after collector's stone. Due to its attractive appearance, shattuckite is a valuable gemstone and ornament used to create various decorative items such as vases or sculptures. In jewelry, it is used in beautiful pendants and rings. Shattuckite in jewelry looks very good in combination with other gemstones such as azurite, malachite, or turquoise. In our online store with natural stones, you will find shattuckite cabochons in various shapes.

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