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Simbircite - color, varieties

Simbircite stones are most often found in yellow, brown, or red colors, but specimens with white or green hues also occur. Due to its appearance, simbircite stone is sometimes mistaken for amber. We distinguish the following varieties of simbircite:

  • veined simbircite - occurs in crystal form. Its characteristic feature is stripes on its surface, and it can be found both in Russia and Argentina.
  • ammonite simbircite - occurs exclusively in Russia and forms in empty ammonite shells.

Simbircite - Application

Due to the discovery of the first simbircite deposits many years ago, it has been used since ancient times in talismans and amulets. Because of its attractive natural appearance, simbircite is valued as a decorative stone. Figurines, boxes, vases, and other decorative items are made from simbircite stones. Due to its rare occurrence, simbircite is a sought-after collector's stone. However, simbircite is most commonly used as a gemstone. Simbircite stone looks very good in jewelry such as necklaces or rings. When it comes to price, the more interesting and attractive the pattern we find on the surface of the stone, the more expensive it will be. In our natural stone store, you will find simbircite flats in various sizes.

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