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Sodalite - color, price

Sodalite stones occur in various shades of blue, gray, yellow, purple-blue, green, white, or pink, but they can also be colorless. Definitely, the most valuable variety of sodalite is the one in blue with white veins, which are calcite inclusions. We also distinguish the variety of Hackmanite - this is sodalite with a purple color, which is distinguished by the phenomenon of tenebrescence, i.e., the ability of sodalite stones to change color under the influence of sunlight. Due to its appearance, sodalite stones can be mistaken for lapis lazuli, dumortierite, azurite, or lazurite. Interestingly, under ultraviolet light, sodalite shines orange. The price of sodalite depends on many factors - including the size and color of the stones, but in our online store, you will find sodalite at an affordable price.

Sodalite - application

Sodalite has a very wide range of applications because it is used in sculpture, construction, and jewelry making. Due to its properties, it is used as a decorative stone in the production of furniture countertops, sculptures, decorative items, figurines, or vases. Interestingly, sodalite is also used in the metallurgical and electronic industries in the production of electrical insulators, paints, and high-strength glass. Sodalite stone is a very valuable collector's item due to its rare occurrence. Tiffany & Co introduced sodalite into the jewelry industry in the 20th century. Since then, sodalite has been increasingly used to produce various types of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, or earrings. Sodalite looks very good in jewelry when combined with other precious stones such as moonstone, amethyst, mountain crystal, onyx, or chrysocolla. Sodalite stones are most often cut into cabochons, but in our offer, you will find both sodalite cabochons and flats.

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