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Spinel Stone - properties

Spinel is magnesium and aluminum oxide, which occurs in the form of twinned, octahedral crystals. In gravels containing gemstones, spinels can be found as pebbles. They have a vitreous luster, indistinct cleavage, and a conchoidal fracture. Spinel stone is very hard, as it is rated 8 on the Mohs scale. Its density ranges from 3.58 to 4.06 g/cm³. Spinel stones are very durable and resistant due to their properties. Spinel is a mineral that is opaque or completely transparent. Its color, whether red, purple, black, or brown, is due to vanadium, cobalt, chromium, or iron impurities. Some spinel stones have inclusions that are angular and large and take the form of shiny flakes.

Spinel Stone - color, cut

Spinel most often appears red in color, although it is rarely colorless. Its color depends on the type of metallic impurities present in it. Red spinels resemble rubies in appearance, making them easy to confuse. This mineral occurs in many colorful shades such as dark green, brown, black, blue, purple, pink, or yellow. The most common cut for spinels is the faceted cut - mixed or step cut. The faceted surface of the stone accentuates its beautiful luster. Some star-shaped stones, which are cut into cabochons, display a four-rayed star effect.

Spinel - application

Spinel mineral has a wide range of applications:

  • It is used in jewelry making and craftsmanship
  • It is a collector's stone
  • It has scientific significance as an indicator of rock metamorphism conditions
  • It is used in the production of bearings, abrasive materials, and moving parts of watches

Most often, due to the fact that many of its varieties are precious stones, it is used in jewelry making. Blue or black spinel is used in bracelets or necklaces in combination with, for example, moonstone or citrine. In fact, it is a versatile mineral, which allows it to be easily combined with most other stones available in our online store. You will find both spinel cabochons and faceted spinel stones in various shapes in our store.

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