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Striped flint


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Striped flint – color

Striped flint occurs in a brown color - light or dark, but sometimes it can be found in shades of yellow. Its main characteristic, which gives it its name, is the presence of unique stripes and streaks on its surface. Dark and light layers can be observed in the structure of striped flint, which creates the unusual patterns. The variability of micropores is responsible for the stripes - darker stones have fewer micropores, while lighter have a larger number. The color of flint is determined by the presence of chalcedony, quartz and calcium carbonate in its structure. The price of striped flint is mainly influenced by its quality and the pattern on its surface - the stripes should be clear and densely arranged.

Striped flint – application

Since ancient times, flint has been used to make everyday items such as axes, various tools, and ornaments. Natural flint was also often used to decorate figurines, vases or amulets. Now however, because of its original appearance, it is most often used in jewelry. Interestingly, the use of this mineral in jewelry was initiated by the Polish goldsmith from Sandomierz, Cezary Łutowicz, in 1972. Since then you can find striped flint in rings, necklaces and earrings. In our online store you can find striped flint cabochons and flats.

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