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Sunstone - color, optical effects

Sunstones are mainly associated with warm colors, but their color depends on both the occurrence and the type and amount of impurities of other minerals present in the stone. Sunstone occurs in colors such as orange, red, brown, gold, yellow, or even purple and green. It is the inclusions of hematite, pyrite, goethite, lepidocrocite or muscovite that determine the final color of the stone and the adularization phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs when light hits the stone and is reflected, while the mineral impurities in the stone refract the light, scattering it and creating shimmering reflections.The fact that stones shimmer depending on the angle of light incidence is what makes them highly valued as jewelry stones.

Sunstone - application, price

Sunstones have a very wide range of applications. They are used in the jewelry industry as well as construction, as decorative stone and in sculpture for the production of sculptures, figurines or vases. The price of sunstones depends, among other things, on the adularization effect - the more uniform and intense it is, the more expensive the stone, with pieces having unevenly distributed effects being much cheaper. It is also thanks to this effect that they are valued as collector's gemstones. Sunstones are most often used in jewelry because of their exceptional color play. Sunstone in jewelry such as rings, earrings or necklaces looks beautiful thanks to its shiny surface. They are also great when combined with other gemstones such as moonstones or crystals, as this combination will make your jewelry unique and incomparable. Sunstones are most often cut in cabochon shape, as this cut brings out the most beautiful optical effects of the stone. In our offer you will find a large selection of cabochons and flats of this mineral, as well as faceted sunstones.

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