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Tanzanite - color

The most valuable specimens of tanzanite are those with a deep blue to violet-blue color. A characteristic feature of tanzanites is pleochroism, which means that depending on the angle of light incidence and color, various-colored flashes can be observed. Natural tanzanites occur in colors such as dark blue, purple, red-purple, yellow-green, and brown. Only after thermal treatment do they acquire the colors most appreciated by jewelers, namely blue, violet, and purple. Some specimens, when cut as cabochons, exhibit a cat's eye effect. The blue color of tanzanite stones is due to vanadium ions.

Tanzanite - price, application

Tanzanite is a unique gemstone, occurring 1000 times less frequently than diamond, which affects its high price. The most expensive specimens are those with a deep color, while lighter stones, which have lower quality, also have a lower price. It is predicted that tanzanite deposits will be depleted in about 10 years, so over the years, this mineral will significantly increase in value, and it will be very difficult to buy it. All these factors make it a very valuable and unique gemstone. The commonly accepted grading of tanzanite based on color depth and brightness is as follows:

  • A – faint
  • AA – medium
  • AAA – intense
  • AAAA - vivid

Tanzanite stones are primarily used as gemstones and collector's items. They are used to make jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets. Tanzanite is a gemstone of exceptional color, which has made it a classic of elegance. Tanzanite jewelry is often combined with other precious stones, as tanzanite looks beautiful alongside diamonds, tourmalines, or amethysts.

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