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Zircon - Color

Zircon stones come in a wide range of colors - colorless, yellow, red, orange, brown, green, purple, and blue. The color of zircon is determined by impurities of other minerals such as phosphorus, niobium, iron, or calcium. Some specimens have a cat's eye effect. Natural zircon used in jewelry is most commonly colorless, golden brown, or blue. Some colors have their proper names, such as:

  • Jargon - yellow zircon,
  • Hyacinth - red and orange zircon,
  • Starlit - blue zircon.

Sometimes, due to its high dispersion, zircon stones are mistaken for diamonds and sold as their imitation under names like "Ceylon diamonds" or "Marata diamonds".

Zircon - Applications

The zircon mineral has a wide range of applications:

  • It is used in the production of refractory and fire-resistant materials.
  • It is a key source of the elements zirconium, hafnium, and thorium.
  • In dentistry, it is used as an alternative to metal alloys.
  • Zircon is also used in the chemical industry.
  • It is used for absolute dating of rocks using radiometric methods.
  • It is used in the production of ceramics and glazes.
  • It is a valued collector's gemstone.
  • Primarily, zircon is an exceptional gemstone used in jewelry making.

To bring out all the best aspects of the stone, zircon is often faceted. Zircon also works well with other gemstones such as diamonds. In our online store you will find faceted zircon in various shapes and sizes.

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